My sons school held a fundraiser craft night where you got to make a Christmas Planter or Christmas Wreath. You bought a ticket and chose which one you wanted to make and everything was provided when you arrived. I invited some of the ladies in my family to make a fun ladies Christmas craft night get together for us. I had no idea what to expect and just hoped it was going to be fun since I was bringing others. And guess what! It was a ton of fun! yay

GardenWorks were the presenters I guess you’d call them. They gave everyone brief directions and we all got started. We were a group of 4 and wanted to all sit at one table together which I didn’t think about it being a bit overwhelming with 4 big planters at one table! Branches were everywhere. I had some of my branches gently attack my mom just for fun! Two of us moved our planters to the floor to see them better.

To make them it really is a case of just sticking a variety branches in and if you didn’t like it move it. Some branches provide stability like the White Pine and the droopy cedar worked nicely around the edges to create an beautiful overflowing appearance. The embellishments were a branch of fake red berries, a small sparkly ornament to hang, pine cones and a bow (I didn’t use). Afterwards they spray glitter on your planter or wreath and your done. So fun! One other think you have to decide on is the location of your planter. Will it be against a wall or will people walk around it? From there you can build it to suit it’s location.

Christmas PlanterClose Up Christmas Planter

I honestly cannot remember the greenery we used except white pine and cedar. Just remember to use a variety with different texture and shades of green. There was also a red branch we used to add interest that I can’t remember what it is however I think blueberry would work.  You could dress it up more by putting it in a different pot or planter. I really should do that because it would make it look even better.

At the event there was also lots of food, coffee, tea and juice brought around by some students to all the tables. I totally recommend these workshops offered from GardenWorks and they have their workshops listed on their website.

Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful glittery day!

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