You may or may not know that my background is in the health, wellness and beauty industry. The last company I worked for and still love is Eminence Organic Skin Care. I’ve used their line for years. I remember the first time I tried their line it was a Stater Kit for Dry Skin. Seriously amazing! In less than a week I saw my Australian sun damaged skin improve with some lines reduce and some disappear. No I’m not Australian but I lived there for awhile and didn’t use sun screen daily…bad me. Now I’ve been using Eminence for like 9 years or something. Fast forward to now…I’ve had an Ipsy subscription for over a year and have been using and  experimenting with other products and product lines. I was watching TV one night and kept seeing the Oil of Olay commercials every commercial break and how you see results in just whatever many days, etc. I literally said out loud to the TV “OK OK I’ll try it”. My husband was like who are you talking to? I guess advertising works :) lol

Olay Regenerist Review

This brings me to my review of the Olay Regenerist cream. I was feeling kinda desperate. My skin looked tired and my eyes had dark sunken circles. I could go on and on…. I bought it and started using it right away.

First reaction was it had a slight tingly or burning/stinging sensation. There are several possible reasons for that sensation so I thought okay maybe those stingy spots are super dry and it’s treating them, maybe its the rate of absorption, etc. Well it continued daily through the entire time I used it. Sometimes less, sometimes more.

Olay Regenerist is popular because it turns back time on wrinkles so you look 10 years younger. This sadly was NOT my experience. After using it for a month and a half my lines were deeper and I had more of them. New lines that had no business showing up where they were showing up. It was crazy. I noticed them obviously but continued to use it thinking it’ll turn around and they’ll go away if I just keep going. I also kept getting random pimples, 1 or 2 here and there and I don’t really get pimples. The day came and I finally hit the wall. I said to myself in the mirror my skin looks old. I even said it to my husband……and you know what he actually said he noticed!! Yeah! He noticed I was looking ruff! hahaha I actually really do appreciate the honesty my husband and I have with each other. He said he thought I was just aging! OMG

So that was it. I stopped using it cold turkey even though I didn’t have anything else to replace it with at the time. I just used some items I had – a serum and facial oil from Eminence at night and an organic light face cream for day by Andalou. Within days my skin tone was even and brighter. I broke out for a bit with huge pimples because my skin was detoxing. The lines have already diminished. I was sooooo relieved.

So I suppose I don’t recommend it. Do remember every one is different and will react to product differently. I was hoping to find good results but sadly I did not. Possibly you will? Let me know! Do you love this product and think it’s the Holy Grail of skin creams.

Thanks for stopping by and have a Glittery Day!

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