Here is my honest experience from before starting Thrive by Le-vel up to day 3.Thrive Day 3 DFT If you don’t know what Thrive is check out the link on the side or click here for more info.

Before starting
I’ve been thinking and looking at taking Thrive for months now. I’ve hesitated, read testimonials, read blogs and tried to find negative info. Mostly everything is super positive and anything bad was not really that bad. And let’s all be honest here, some people are just negative no matter what and some people are cyber bullies. I’ve also looked into ingredients and am very happy with what is in it. So I have an open mind about trying Thrive.

Now I’m not expecting a miracle but if it works and the claims work on me well what do I have to lose right! If anything I’ll be healthier with all the premium vitamins, minerals, amino acids, probiotics, etc that are in the products. I have had many health challenges over many years now so I’m up for anything to make me more healthy and make me thrive.

Day 1
I had a cold yesterday with sore throat, went to a birthday party and was drinking. Went to bed late with alcohol and a cold.Not a great sleep at all but got up for my sons soccer. Still feeling sick and stuffed up but Woohoo lets gooooo! Lots of reasons to need more energy, etc. So….

Step 1
I rip open the capsules packet and take them. Not much to say there but the Capsules except I was worried about them making me crazy nauseous (like throwing up nauseous) since that happens to me if I take vitamins on an empty stomach but yay I was totally fine.

Step 2
20 mins later I mix-up the Lifestyle Mix powder into water and stir. Shake was ok. Bit powdery tasting but actually is tasty. I’m not big on protein powders and shakes, etc. Texture was okay. It has a nice vanilla sweetness.

Step 3
I chose a fun pattern and stuck the Dermal Fusion Technology foam on my left arm. At first I could feel the DFT on my skin and and thought hmmmm… Not sure I like that. But after a wee bit I couldn’t feel it anymore. Probably warmed up and moves with my skin now. I’ve been a bit concerned my skin will react with the DFT and the stickiness because my skin is reactive to pretty much anything and everything and I break out with tons of itchy hives. I only had a bit of itchiness way later around midnight when I was going to sleep. But in the morning there were no hives! Very cool and very surprising for me! Seriously this is very interesting for me.

All day I had no jittery feeling or hyperness or anything like that at all.

With being sick, not enough sleep and feeling kinda hungover I did have energy all day. We had morning soccer, afternoon shopping and had friends over for a visit and then to another birthday party in the evening. It was a busy day so that was good! I wouldn’t say I was full of energy by any means but I did come alive more around 6:30pm. I was tired all day but still had energy.

Day 2
I had a worse sleep. My son was up around 3:30 sick and threw up everywhere so I had to wash the floor, etc, in the middle of the night. Morning was hard to get up with being so busy the day before, then going to sleep late and getting up mid sleep. Finally when I got up I was so congested I couldn’t breath through my nose. Awful pasty mouth. Yuck. Did all three steps again and the congestion started to clear and didn’t return all day. No jittery feeling. Had a coffee too. Sort of a hungover or tired feeling all day.

We went over to friends place to watch football for the afternoon and I don’t think I had the super slump crash in the late afternoon. I also only had a glass of wine and wasn’t really sure if I wanted one. It was kinda weird. Typically I will be like Ya I’ll have a drink but it was almost like mentally I wanted a drink but physically I didn’t. At every party I craved the fruit and veggie platters and turned down the sweets and chips. I thought that was super awesome.

It’s nighttime now. I’m realizing my legs aren’t exhausted feeling like usually in the evening.
I feel like there’s more of a calmness mentally or emotionally tonight too. My kids aren’t going to sleep but I haven’t snapped at them even though it’s almost 2 hours past their bedtime. I got very sleepy near 10:00pm. But I didn’t sleep till after midnight cause I’m a night owl.

The DFT hasn’t bothered my skin today either so that’s awesome.

Day 3
Bad nights sleep again cause this time it was my daughter in the middle of the night with something else. I had a tough time falling back to sleep after. But alarm went off got up and started Thrives 3 steps again.

I was tired through the day and wasn’t feeling the greatest for the morning but got the kids to school, vacuumed the house, did laundry and was leaving by noon to do some errands. By the late afternoon my energy seemed to pick up and I felt positive. I also started feeling kinda giddy. My personality if you don’t know me I think is playful. I’ve always been kinda silly and random maybe cause I’m the youngest child of my family…. but over the years I’ve felt I’ve kinda lost that part of me. It made me relaxed and happy or whatever. I don’t know. This evening I was feeling like my old self in that respect. Which makes me smile :) woohoo This is super cool for me.

Also my feet and legs were not super tired again tonight. Then of course one cannot help but think hmmm… maybe I have less overall soreness everywhere? Lol I’m probably wishful thinking but time will tell right!

I also think I have had more mental clarity and haven’t had that brain fog I get so often.

In day 3 even my husband is interested. Some of his jokes have been funny about Thrive and he’s been super skeptical. Now he’s not, he honestly wants to see how it goes for me. I’m a lab rat :)

Conclusion so far
Seriously right now the skeptic in me is thinking this can’t be true or real, I’m completely psyching myself out… But truly I think Thrive actually is working!

Now I have to say I’m not going to completely say yes do it until I have tried it longer. Maybe I will in a day or maybe a week. Don’t know. Maybe I’ll say forget it it’s not worth it. Who knows.

I will say if you wanna try yourself use my link to order cause that’s the nice thing to do since you heard about it from me right ;) xoxo

Thanks for stopping by and have a glittery day.

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