I’ve been taking Thrive by Lev-el for just over a week now. I wasn’t expecting a miracle but if I could make a positive change in my life then um, Yes Please! Let’s do it!

I want to invest in myself for once. I want to have more energy, lose weight, feel motivated, be more positive and lose that foggy cloud I would get daily. Here are a few more cool things I’ve experienced so far.

I have been waaaaay more positive. I feel my mood has lifted. I feel more energetic. I feel like my old self that I thought I’d lost. I’m not stressing over small stuff and letting things get to me as much.  It’s so super fantastic!!

My phone woke me up way too early this morning like 5:00am or something. When I lay back down and closed my eyes I realized hey my teeth are apart, I’m not clenching. Wait a second my jaw didn’t click when I opened my mouth!! WHAT!!! Yes I wasn’t grinding my teeth in my sleep and I haven’t been clenching my jaw today! It doesn’t mean I won’t clench ever again or anything I’m just feeling less stress and I believe that if my body is getting more of what it needs for good health then this should help partially relax me. I’m not claiming anything this is just what I’ve personally experienced so far.

Another interesting thing is water intake. I’ve been always been a big water drinker and have had no trouble drinking water. I know it’s essential for good health and I actually like the taste and enjoy drinking lots of it. I also drinking Aloe Vera Juice daily for polysaccharides and hydration. So that being said I still drink probably the same amount BUT I don’t feel thirsty as much. When I drink water now it’s more satisfying.

I’ve also stopped having a drink every evening. Now this is something that I have mixed feelings about… LOL I really do enjoy a drink of red wine in the evening especially while watching Game of Thrones or something. But it’s truly not good for me to drink every day so it is better for me and my waistline:)

If you want more info about the products and ingredients go to their website and look up sarahgoldstar. (No referral links are allowed by them anymore)

Since starting Thrive and having such positive results I’ve decided to become a promoter since I want to share this wonderful experience with others. We should all Thrive and enjoy every single day.

My review from the first few days of taking Thrive is under the Health & Beauty tab. Thanks for stopping by and have a glittery day.

*I purchased these products on my own and have not been paid to do this review.

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