My daughter had to do project based from the book “The Most Magnificent Thing”. They had to make their own Most Magnificent Thing and had two weeks to do it.

The hardest part was deciding what to make as it could be anything! 

We discussed ideas such as something out of Lego, with Barbie’s, a drawing, a painting, even a catapult. So she didn’t do anything for a week and a half. Typical right! Then days before the project was due she decided she wanted to make a lighthouse. 

We brainstormed to use a paper towel roll painted white with stripes. A top made of cardboard and a teeny light strand inside as the light for the lighthouse. This would have been good but I wasn’t so sure how it would come together as I find it sooo difficult attaching stuff to the top of paper rolls and having it look nice and be stable. Since my husband thinks differently than me and honestly his creativity is better for these types of projects, I decided this was definitely a project to do with dad. This is also the perfect quality time for them to spend together.

He happened to have a thick cardboard roll so they cut out some windows at the top and painted it white. She was wearing long sleeves while painting and got paint all over her favourite hoodie. Eek! Then they mounted the tube to a piece of plywood. This made the tower of the lighthouse. Inside at the top they used a little motor that spins and glued an LED push-on light sideways to the motor. A sundeck was added to the top which is a scrap plastic end cap of something.

So the lighthouse was complete and all that was left was decorating and final touches. The video below shows everything up close and moving.

I remembered we have a Pirate Playmobile Lighthouse in storage so I had taken out the light from it earlier in case they wanted to use that. Instead of using it as the light for the DIY lighthouse, they made it a campfire for the people hanging out on the sundeck.

To cover the screws for the motor my daughter wrapped silver ribbon around it. This also gave the stripped swirly look of a lighthouse. Small decorative rocks were placed around the bottom of the lighthouse to make rocks or the island. Blue and clear glass blob thingy’s made the water and small sticks were driftwood. She also placed a couple small sea shells among the rocks.

Small Chelsea size Barbie’s are hanging out around the campfire on the sundeck. They have some fun stuff with them you can see in the video. Hope you enjoy and thanks for watching!

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