Here’s a tutu I made up last night for my daughter to wear to a Pirate Birthday party on Saturday. I like making No Sew Tutu’s as they’re super easy. This type of Tutu is also called Hand Knotted Tutu.

Do It Yourself Tutu for Pirate PartyDirections for a Do It Yourself Tutu are Below. I hope they make sense.

  1. I picked up about 3 meters of Tulle at the fabric store. 1 1/2 meters of red tulle and 1 1/2 black tulle. The amount needed depends on how many your making and the size you make but 3 meters should do you pretty well.
  2. Sew your waistband elastic to the size needed or use cord/ribbon that you tie shut for a true No Sew Tutu.
  3. Cut into strips. Approximately 3 inches wide looks good.
  4. Fold Strip in half.
  5. Take folded end and place over waistband. The fold should be about 1″ above waistband.
  6. Take ends of strip piece and loop around waistband coming back through the fold end.
  7. Pull tight through and your done that one.
  8. Repeat with all other strips around waistband and viola!

You can make your Tutu as full as you like just use more tulle. The length of the strips you cut depend on the length of Tutu you want. Just remember that the length of the strip is halved once used in the Tutu.

Any questions or comments please send along and as always thanks for stopping in and have a Glittery Day!

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