It’s a beautiful hot summer day here in Vancouver and I spent it on laid back Mayne Island visiting family and crafting. So this is the perfect time to sit with a nice chilled glass of wine and write a creative post.

Mexican Festive Party StrawsMy mother in law is holding a Mexican Fiesta theme party on Tuesday for about 34 friends. She’s using lots of Mexican Blankets draped over the patio railings as décor which will look great and best part is they will keep guests warm at night if it gets cool (as it does on the ocean). I helped her craft some festive Mexican colored Tissue Paper Pom-Poms to have over the food table and a flat back Pom-Poms to put along the banisters and anywhere else.

My favourite thing we did was make up a fun effective way to add more décor to your party table or drink table. Here is a How To or DIY for festive Mexican Fiesta Party Straws.


  1. Flower Lei (dollar Store)
  2. Drinking Straws
  3. Scotch Tape Mexican Party Straws SuppliesHow To:
  1. Take 2 flowers off and fold at centre to create a point.
  2. Snip a tiny bit off the folded tip to create a larger hole for the straw to fit through. (the thread hole is too small)
  3. Thread the straw through the flower centers until they’re at the desired height to sit on the straw.
  4. Hold in place and flip petals upward kinda pinching flower together around the straw.
  5. Wrap the tape around the bottom of the flowers and the straw so that tape is touching both to adhere. If the tape is only on the flowers they will slide off.
  6. Fluff petals down and Voilà! Beautiful and easy flowered drinking straws.

I hope you enjoy this idea and of course this would work for a Hawaiian Luau Theme Party or really any garden party or whatever your heart desires party!

I love how they turned out they don’t take long either which is perfect. Thanks for stopping by and let me know what you think of them.

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